Sprinkler system

Drip irrigation

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Drip irrigation is a method in which water is gradually fed into the soil, directly or near the roots of plants through a system of pipes, filters, valves (taps), fittings, drip traps (drippers, drippers) or drip hose. This method is considered one of the most effective ways of irrigation, as a result of its following advantages:


  • The water seeps into the soil before it has evaporated or leaked to the side
  • Water is fed only where necessary, namely – in the root system of plants, which limits the development of weeds
  • High uniformity of irrigation is achieved over the entire area
  • Increasing the quantity and improving the quality of yields
  • Possibility for partial or full automation of the irrigation process
  • Reduction of diseases associated with the presence of moisture on the leaves and fruits of some plants
  • It does not create obstacles for the operation of agricultural machinery
  • There is no danger of water erosion of the soils
  • Water-saving
  • Possibility to water the fields with any irregular shapes
  • Reduced energy costs due to the low operating pressure at which these systems operate