For growth and bloom

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The cultivation of Medical Cannabis includes two phases. One of the phases is Growth, which is when the plant elongates, forms new branches and foliage. The second phase called Flowering is when the cannabis forms its buds on the stems, which then turn into inflorescences (heads).

The most important thing in growing is regular feeding in small and moderate doses with any fertilizer in growth and flowering. This will give you much better results than 2-3 feedings throughout the life of your plant, even if it is with the most expensive fertilizers and additives. In the nutritional diet, the most important thing is consistency, such as feeding every week throughout the life of the plant and in second place the quality and dosage of fertilizers.

Master Grow A&B is a basic growth fertilizer selected in order to provide the perfect ratio of nutrients needed in the vegetative phase of the plants. It activates growth and protection genes, leading to strong plants and high yields. 100% water-soluble formula, containing a properly balanced mix of all basic, plant nutrients with elements that increase the quality of the harvest. Suitable for all methods of cultivation: soil, hydroponic and cultivation in coconut substrate.

While flowering fertilizer Master Bloom A&B is specially designed to provide plants with the ideal composition of nutrients for the flowering phase, increasing the ability of the crop to bloom productively. Ensures proper nutrition of plants and reaching their full potential in the flowering phase. After the growth phase, nutrient needs begin to change. Master Bloom A&B is formulated to continue to provide plants with what they need to build dense, saturated colors.